Welcome to King Air Events

Welcome to the new King Air Events website, your one-stop portal to register for the King Air Events Annual Convention. With this new event website you are able to register for upcoming events and add to your existing registrations.

Registering for King Air Events

IMPORTANT! The "King Air Event Registrations" website needs a separate profile to the King Air Nation website. You cannot login with your King Air Nation username and password. In order to start registering for any of the upcoming King Air Events events you first have create a profile for yourself on this new website. Please click here to create your profile on the events website. Once you have created your profile you will receive an email confirmation and then you will be able to login and start registering for any of the events. If you have already created a profile on "King Air Event Registrations", please click here to login.

Current Events

There are No Current Events to display




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